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He Plays Everyday With Neighbor’s Son While His Dad Is Deployed To Syria


A relationship between a father and son is always going to be special. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing catch or talking over serious matters at a later age, you just can’t put a price on it. But for children with parents in the armed forces, these memories are often cut short or rarely happen. This little guy is a five-year-old named Brian, he’s from Illinois and his father was deployed to Syria last May.


Barbara Kelly, Brian’s mom says that his favorite thing to do is work in the yard. According to her, Brian wants to be a “lawnmower man” when he grows up.

When his dad went away, he had no one to do his garden work with. His next door neighbor, Dean Cravens has always worked in his yard, and seeing his chance to carry on with his favorite pastime, he has been knocking on Dean’s door and asking if he needs help everyday.


Their friendship developed after Brian kept seeing Cravens out in his yard everyday and since then the relationship has been very strong.

“Everywhere [Cravens] turns around there’s Brian, they just developed a friendship and bond”.

Also Craven’s daughter Molly, 16, says that their relationship has been such a joy to watch and that the family loves to have him around.

“The fact that he started to cling on to my dad is just the sweetest thing,” she said. “We love having Brian around and love seeing how happy they make each other.”

On Father’s Day, Cravens asked if he could come around to Brian’s place to spend some more time with him, and Kelly obliged. They had a great time together and you can take a look at the images below to see them playing.


The pair played baseball, basketball and golf together. Kelly also told Cravens that he should spend some more time with his daughters but he insisted that he wanted to have some time with Brian.

”It was very, very sweet,” she said. “Cravens really thinks and tries to make him feel good. It just means that much more that his father’s gone.”

Then, Molly took to Twitter to share the photos of the two of them saying that she “thought it would be a good thing to remind what other people go through on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.”


The tweet got a lot of attention and a whole lot of love.


Molly says that her dad is pretty shocked by the response the post has received:

“It’s really sweet to see how so many people adore them and appreciate the situation,” she said. “I didn’t think it would be this popular, but I’m so incredibly happy our story is a hit and touches people’s hearts.” Brian’s mum, Barbara agreed, saying the response that the post has received is “unbelievable”. “It’s pretty amazing,” she said. It sure is, Barbara. What a lovely story!


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