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Boy And Mom Enjoy A Drag Makeup Moment After Watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race”


Some people at Twitter just created a “moment” about a mom that helped her son transform into a beautiful drag queen and his take on drag makeup is so adorable. Couple of nights ago, Mikli Feria Jorge was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race with her son and inspired by the makeup transformations happening on TV, her son said:  “I want to do that also!”

So, Jorge tweeted some pictures of her son sporting bright blue and black eye shadow from a colorful palette onto his lids and brows. She even set up a mini vanity for him with a mirror, brushes and a Power Rangers blanket. Her son looked so happy in the candid shots, the happiness probably matches Jeffree Star’s when he gets his hands on a blinding highlighter. I bet he was fully feeling the drag makeup fantasy.

We were watching RuPaul’s Drag Race last night and this little one was, “I want to do that also!”

Then, in the following tweets, Jorge explained that her son requested some wings for his look, “insisted on eyelashes, ate carefully to not ruin his lipstick,” and told her they needed to buy a wig.

Judging by the picture that Jorge posted, her son has better false lash application skills than we do.

Me: You’re beautiful!
K: Ma, we need to buy a wig.

Jorge also gave her son a red dress to wear, to compliment his blue brows, bold eye makeup and candy apple red lips. His own drag name was: Ballooni Liteg. Just look at these pics.

Meet Ballooni Liteg! (silent e, silent g)

When I saw her next tweet, I was honestly in tears. She also created a colorful look for herself.

Um, momma wanted in on the action too ok

Some families have so much fun.

Source: Mikli Feria Jorge

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