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This Mom Built A Cardboard Kitchen For Her Toddler

This Mom Built A Cardboard Kitchen For Her Toddler

We’ve told you countless times in the past that parents are always willing to go that little extra mile to make their children happy, and we all know that nothing makes a kid happier than a shiny new toy.

One of the more stand-out toys that will keep your children entertained for hours, and one that has been around for a while, is a kitchen playset. You know, little plastic stove, little plastic oven, a few plastic foods. But why would you shell out a ton of cash on one of these playsets when you can actually build one yourself at home, using cardboard and a little bit of creativity.

That’s what this mother did. She used a few cardboard boxes that she had laying around the house to construct a full replica of a kitchen playset, and it looks rather convincing!

Needless to say, younger children can’t really tell the difference, so it wouldn’t be a problem to create one of these playsets. They’ll still e entertained and they’ll absolutely love it.

Let’s take a look at the gallery of the cardboard kitchen and the so far unnamed woman’s daughter having a field day in it.

1. Something’s cooking up

I’d love to sample some of this toddler’s cooking.


2. Here’s what the kitchen looks like

“Working” stove, “working” dishwasher and “working” fridge.


3. After the kitchen was constructed

It was given a bright and fun coat of paint.


4. This is what the finished one looks like

So much attention to detail here! And it looks amazing! I actually wouldn’t mind decorating my kitchen at home like this.


5. There’s even a laptop!

So your little one can “read” from the “recipe book” while they “cook” something up.


6. Shiny sink

Complete with cooking tools.


7. A detailed microwave

A stove, a fridge and some miniature cooking pots.


8. Toddler in action

I think it’s safe to assume that this toddler’s name is Audrey, judging by the sign on the front of the counter.


9. From some seemingly random cardboard boxes

To an amazingly detailed kitchen playset that will keep your child entertained for hours!


Will you be building one of these for your toddler? Would you add something to it? Let us know in the comments!


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