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This Is The Mom You Are Going To Be According To Your Zodiac Sign


Whether you are an expecting mom or a girl who loves horoscope, you probably wonder what kind of mother you are going to be. Yes, your parents may be role models for you, but becoming a real parent is far from following your mother’s advice. What kind of parent you are going to be depends very much on your personality, but planets have some influence, too. Are you a stubborn person, or just like to take things slowly and leisurely? Your zodiac sign can determine, more or less, what kind of a mother you’ll become. It might not be te most accurate science, but your astrological sign can predict a lot of traits for you as a future parent.

This will be very helpful for dealing with your children in the future, too.

1. Aries

You wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense coming from your children, so you’ll teach them to behave from the start.


Source:Shelby Deeter

2. Taurus

You’ll be very patient with your children. Also, you will allow them to learn and grow at their own pace.


Source: Noah Hinton

3. Gemini

You have a great imagination. That will inspire you to take your children on adventures right in your own backyard and beyond.


Source:Valeria Zoncoll

4. Cancer

Your kids are basically your world, Cancer. Therefore, you’ll make sure they know you’re always in their corner.


Source: London Scout

5. Leo

You are a great optimist and this nature will be transferred to your kids, too. You will encourage them to chase all of their dreams.


Source:Thiago Cerqueira

6. Virgo

You will do basically anything for your lovely kids, especially if they are headed down the wrong path and need some guidance.


Source:Jon Flobrant

7. Libra

You’ll be the “cool mom” who hosts pool parties and sleepovers because you love to make people feel welcome.


Source: London Scout

8. Scorpio

Whether they realize it or not, you are definitely going to influence your kids’ life choices.


Source: Alexander Dummer

9. Saggitarius

As an independent spirit, you will teach your kids to always follow their hearts.

mom 1

Source: Micah. H

10. Capricorn

You will be a mom who doesn’t trust her kids so easily.

mom 2

Source: Juan Galafa

11. Aquarius

You will teach your kids to help the unfortunate and be thankful for what they have.

mom 3

Source: Dakota Corbin

12. Pisces

As you are an open and accepting person, your kids will always ask for help from you.

mom 4

Source: Jordan Whitt
Source: Alexander Dummer

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