This Model With A Rare Skin Condition Wants To Help Out All Aspiring Models Out There


Becoming a model takes a lot of dedication and a lot of confidence. There are some girls that are just not comfortable about their own looks, and certainly not comfortable about appearing on camera modeling some nice clothes.

To help out those who have a problem with confidence, model Sara Geurts is sending an inspirational message to all aspiring models out there, as she has been battling Ehlers-Danlos syndrome since she was 10.


Ehlers-Danlos syndrome affects mainly the collagen (connective tissue in the body), and there are apparently thirteen different types that can manifest in a patient.

The symptoms include loose joints, loose elastic skin, chronic joint pain and bad bruising and wound healing. In plain English, you can refer to this as “old person syndrome”.

Growing up, the 26-year-old model didn’t feel comfortable exposing her skin in public, so she had to cover herself up. But in her early twenties, she completely changed her attitude and began to embrace her body entirely.

“Just the uniqueness and the rarity and the way the lines form. . .and just the art that is made from just the patterns that are there. It’s amazing. It’s makes me so sad that I looked at it at just this ugly thing at one point in time.”

Combining her loves of fashion and makeup, Sara came up with the idea to raise awareness for Ehlers-Danlos through modeling. Her first project was in 2015 with “Love Your Lines”, a social media campaign that promotes body positivity.

This Model With A Rare Skin Condition Wants To Help Out All Aspiring Models Out There 1


Her inspirational journey has been very successful, as she’s managed to help out other people with this rare disease. She’s also found inspiration in the stories of people like her who have also learned to pushed past their physical traits, such as Winnie Harlow, a professional model with vitiligo, and Shaun Ross, an advocate for albinism, have been symbols of self-acceptance to Sara.

Check out the video and hear Sara’s inspirational story below:


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