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Michael Jackson Tops Forbes List Of Highest Earning Dead Celebrities

Michael Jackson Tops Forbes List Of Highest Earning Dead Celebrities

Forbes business magazine shared their list of 13 highest earning dead celebrities, and guess who’s on top?

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, with $75 million in earnings.

It seems like it was yesterday when we said goodbye to the king of pop, when he was found dead after his doctor conducted an involuntary manslaughter on June 25, 2009, in LA. But he is still living among his fans even today.

Although the king of pop died in 2009, he is still earning millions of dollars. He found himself first on the list of Forbes for five years straight. Forbes reported Jackson’s earnings are boosted by the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show as well as the new album, Scream, released in September.


Golf legend Arnold Palmer is the second-highest earner, bringing in $40million. His posthumous earnings include sales of the AriZona lemonade and ice tea beverage made in his name and his branded apparel line.

‘Peanuts’ creator Charles Schulz took third place on the list thanks to the still MetLife campaign, expiring in 2019, as well as some other retail and book sales.

Presley came in at number four with $35million. The King’s earnings, as Forbes notes, were due to two new openings within Graceland: The Guesthouse hotel and Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex.


Bob Marley took number five on the list, earning $23 million.


The reggae star earned this thanks to income from House of Marley audio equipment and the Marley Beverage Co.


Other musicians who died recently are also on the list. Rockstar Tom Petty, who died on October 3, came in at number 6, with $20 million in earnings. These were incomes from his band’s spring and summer tour. Prince, who died in April 2016, is at number 7 on the list with $18million in earnings. David Bowie, on the other hand, who died in January 2016, landed at number 11 with $9.5 million.

Can you believe Einstein is also on the list? The physicist took number 10 with $10million, earning thanks to having his name and face on a slew of products. Amazing, right?


Elizabeth Taylor is at number 12 with $8million earnings, due to her namesake fragrance empire, which includes bestsellers White Diamonds and Passion.


Last one on the list? Pinup model Bettie Paige is at number 13, with $7.5million in earnings.

Forbes’ earnings figures were based on pretax income between October 15, 2016 and October 15, 2017.

Here is the complete list of Top 13 highest earning dead celebrities of 2017:
1. Michael Jackson, musician, died 2009 : $75million
2. Arnold Palmer, golfer, died 2016: $40million
3. Charles Schulz, cartoonist, died 2000: $38million
4. Elvis Presley, musician, died 1977: $35million
5. Bob Marley, musician, died 1981: $23million
6. Tom Petty, musician, died 2017: $20million
7. Prince, musician, died 2016: $18million
8. Dr. Seuss, author, died 1991: $16million
9. John Lennon, musician, died 1980: $12million
10. Albert Einstein, physicist, died 1955: $10million
11. David Bowie, musician, died 2016: $9.5million
12. Elizabeth Taylor, actress, died 2011: $8million
13. Bettie Paige, model, died 2008: $7.5million

Source: dailymail

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