Attract All The Sailors Around You With This Curly Mermaid Hairstyle

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Mermaids are mythical aquatic creatures which have appeared in the folklores of numerous cultures worldwide since antiquity. They have the upper body part of a human and the tail of a fish and the ability to woo sailors with their angelic voices. Similarly, with the mermaid hairstyle we are presenting you today, you will have the self-confidence and flair to attract the seamen navigating your surroundings and be the magical attraction in any environment.


In the video tutorial, you will not only see all the chops you will need to physically create this rich, wonderful braid resembling a mermaid fishtail but all the little tricks you need to incorporate and the types of products you will need to use for the hairstyle to last you an entire day or night.


The style and the tutorial were created by Jenny Strebe, who has done extensive and successful hairstyling work for almost a decade-and-a-half now, several years of which as the Educational Director of the world-renowned hair studios Toni & Guy. If you like Jenny’s ideas and approach, make sure you subscribe to the Youtube channel Confessions of a Hairstylists where she regularly shares “trendy hair love” on a weekly basis.

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