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Medical Reasons Behind New Born Babies’ Head of White Hair


Bence was born in December 2015. He weighed an average 11.9 pounds and was 21 inches tall. It was really weird that he had a head of stark white hair, and everyone wanted to find out what was the reason for this phenomenon.


Bence had a entirely normal birth. Having a white head of hair got him the nickname ‘Prince Charming’ in the hospital and doctors were interested to discover his hair pigment further.


After performing routine compulsory tests and taking blood samples to find the source of Bence’s hair hue, it was proved that he was just a normal healthy boy.

Dr. Zoltan Kummer, his doctor, believed that the reason for his ivory hair was albinism. Albinism is “a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin.”

Dr. Kummer also suggested that the head of white was from reduced melanin pigment, but still there were no signs of albinism present.

Meanwhile, doctors are still trying to find out the reason behind this phenomenon. However, Bence is a happy and healthy child and Dr. Kummer believes his hair will get darker eventually.

He is not the only one with this unique and cool hair color, though.


Remember MilliAnna Worthy? She was born with a white patch of hair, too. She has it at the front and she got it  from her mother. Her great-grand parents were also born with this trait making it a very unique family mark.


The reason behind MilliAnna’s white patch of hair was due to poliosis, which results with a lack of pigment in the area of the hair and skin around it.

Not only having a white patch of hair, she also has a loss of pigment on her legs too. Unlike MilliAnna, Bence’s hair being the only affected by the pigment loss is temporary, according Dr. Kummer.



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