People Have Actually Brought Cars With These Issues To The Mechanic


A mechanic has a seriously tiring job: he has to deal with at least one customer every day who comes in and they have no idea what’s wrong with their car (not their fault), but they just know something’s wrong with it.

Here are some of the most questionable cars that people have brought into the mechanic’s.

1. “Customer states truck makes bell noise.”

No kidding!

People Have Actually Brought Cars With These Issues To The Mechanic 1
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2. Good job for warning the customer not to eat the burrito

That’s called treating your customer like an idiot.

People Have Actually Brought Cars With These Issues To The Mechanic 2
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3. 84,000 miles without an oil change

Those camshafts are busted.

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4. Did someone blow into specific parts of the tire?

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5. Like, I get that all customers aren’t experts in cars, but really?

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6. “A customer came into AutoZone asking for blinker fluid. He handed me this and said it was about half empty.”

For those of you that are still unsure: there is no such thing as blinker fluid. Blinker fluid is a gag that often gets played on people who don’t know anything about cars. If someone tells you something about blinker fluid, don’t believe them.

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7. I wonder what happened here…

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8. “Yep, it’s basil!”

“I put it on my pizza yesterday!”


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9. Doing donuts at 45 mph has its ups and downs

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10. This is a prime example of a cruel cosmic practical joke

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11. Cold air intake, bro

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12. Don’t ever run over a mattress, kids

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13. Trying to replace a headlight but the whole hood is coming off

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14. Spray foam is not sea foam, Kris Yunicorn

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15. Messy brakes

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16. Even thieves who know how to drive a stick have been taken care of…

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17. So tempting, but so damaging

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