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A Lingerie Tag Can Help You Wear Your Bra The Right Way


Instructions don’t come with everyday clothing like we probably would want them to. And by now we’re practically professionals when it comes to dressing ourselves so there is really no need of step-by-step guidance.

Furthermore, bras are no exception. At first it may be awkward to put on a bra, but once you get the hang of them, putting on a bra becomes a routine.

Nevertheless, Brittany Packnett recently stumbled upon instructions labeled ”How to put on a bra” that got her, as well as many other women thinking when she shared her thoughts on Twitter.

Most women are used to assuming their bras fit perfectly when they put them on, but in fact there can be more ways than one to do it the wrong way.

We’re all so used to our bras and the way they fit that we just assume they fit properly. In reality, there are a lot of ways your bra might be trying to tell you that it doesn’t fit quite right.

The tag in this case gives some valuable insight while raising the question, is there a wrong way to put on a bra?

1. This tag may raises awareness to the question of is there a wrong way to put on your bra?


Source: https://twitter.com/i/moments/918599450049867782

The tweet about, “How to put on a bra” received a lot of attention.

Brittany stated: “I’ve been putting on my bras wrong for twenty years. You probably have, too.”


Source: https://twitter.com/i/moments/918599450049867782

Brittany Packnett, who is an “educator, activist and speaker” is the one responsible for enlightening the internet and frankly, sparking debate.

As Brittany first explained: “I was like…’girl bye I been doin this’ and popped on.” She continues, “But then I decided to read it…”


Source: https://twitter.com/i/moments/918599450049867782

Furthermore, Brittany stated: “And I was all wrong. I was in the middle clasp and I did not do proper breast placement.”


Source: ThirdLove on Twitter

ThirdLove was the manufacturer of the bra, the brand is an internet retailer which claims that in order to buy on of their bras you don’t need your breasts measurement.


Source: Wikimedia Commons / Scarlett

Putting on bras incorrectly and wearing the incorrect size happens to the best of us. In fact, very few women are even aware that there is a, “right” or, “wrong” way to complete this mundane task.

It is a common thing to get the wrong bra size and put it on wrongly. Putting on a bra “the right way” is not something many women are acquainted with.


Source: Instagram / shopmeliamadden

Many women believe that the middle clasp is where you would want to secure your back strap.

Although, as the tag reads, the loosest clasp is the one you need to secure.

Even in cases when the fabric is no longer in perfect condition, clasping on the loosest hook will assist you in getting the most out of your bra, this being the case mainly because the material stretches out eventually, according to experts at Town Shop.


Source: Instsgram / audreystyles

Your straps will share the same fate. After a period of time, the loosen elastic won’t be able to hold your breasts in the desired position.

They will require to be tightened over time, in order to accommodate for stretching.


Source: Instagram / kathastrophal

Additionally, a surprising number of women are not wearing the accurate bra size.

If you have doubts about your bra size, getting an expert opinion is always a good idea. Your chest would be protected for the long term.


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You can easily do a test at home to check if you are wearing the correct bra size, or eventually start wearing a T-shirt while your picking out your bras.

Your bra will look terrific under your T-shirt if first of all it fits over your just right, or to be more specific, like you are not wearing a bra.


Source: Instagram / avokado_nz

Besides, the bra will show it is a bad fit if its too tight and is showing through your T-shirt.


Source: @devtronactivate & MsPackyetti on Twitter

The “last clasp” thing can be pretty confusing.


Source: @lesmissy1 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @lesmissy1

Luckily, Twitter is full of people willing to save the day with some helpful advice.


Source: @derkie313 & @MsPackyetti on Twitter

It wasn’t all bad news as internet strangers came together regarding the fact they’d all been putting on their bras wrongly.


Source: Instagram / twojabardotka

Feeling comfortable is the first thing you should be concerned about while wearing a bra. Instructions come as just-in-case.

Source: https://twitter.com/i/moments/918599450049867782

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