If You Have The Letter “M” On Your Palm, This Is What It Means

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Palmistry is an ancient art that has been around for thousands of years. It is used as a technique to reveal a person’s character. Palmistry can absolutely fascinate you and there is a good reason behind it. Did you know that people with the letter ”M” written on their palm can see through lies?


The fact that we are able to learn just by studying our palms is so damn awesome. Some people say that palms are the maps to the soul. Our bodies are a temple!


Normally if you look at your palm you will notice a few lines that stand out. If your palm has this particular M shape it could mean a number of things.

The letter ”M” often means qualities such as leadership, good fortune and riches.

So this is great news I guess.

If palmistry fascinates you then this video below will give you the information about what the lines on your hand mean. So watch it and then you can study your own palm.

Source:Karen Lustrup Astrology

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