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The Last Blockbuster: A Hilarious Twitter Account Reminding Us Of The Golden Days Of DVD


A little more than a decade ago, Blockbuster LLC was the world’s largest home movie and video rental service with over 9,000 stores across the world which employed 84,300 people. However, with the emergence of Netflix’s mail-order service and video-on-demand, business plummeted before Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy back in 2010.

Although some locations continued to operate independently for a while, in 2014 all remaining Blockbuster stores shut up shop. But recently, a Twitter account called The Last Blockbuster surfaced, celebrating the legacy of all those nights spent with a rented DVD – after all, for many generations, Blockbuster was the ultimate school on movie culture and life in general.

The smart and witty account uses seemingly straightforward jokes to poke fun at a changing America, one in which the digitalization which has followed the traumatic de-industrialization is poised to take even more jobs away.

“This account is actually run by a few of us at the store. We’re a small operation, so we take turns running social media, working the registers, and cleaning out the return drop box. A lot of people seem to think it’s a trash receptacle even though we taped up a sign that says it’s for movies and games only,” the people behind The Last Blockbuster account claimed in an interview with The Daily Dot.

“It feels special to be the last remaining store of a such a culturally important franchise. But sometimes it feels like we’re the only ones who give a shit about watching films the way they were meant to be watched: on pieces of round plastic, slid into a machine that connects to your home television set.”

The store claims to be located between 3rd and Main in the Oak Lawn Shopping Center, between Ace Hardware and the former O’Kelly Dojo – no such place exists on Google Maps, however, and the decision not to list a city and a state obviously hints at a parody, but an intelligent one at that, proven by the 240K followers subscribed to the account. Here are some of the best tweets from The Last Blockbuster.

1. Heritage






3. Blockbuster, in fact, rejected a $50 million purchase offer by Netflix in 2000

John Antioco, the Blockbuster CEO, was not interested in the offer as he believed Netflix to be a “very small niche business” which was losing money at the time.



4. Cold shoulder



5. Meeting point



6. Watch it like it’s 1997!



7. Hipster



8. Expectations management



9. Forgiving



10. Unacceptable



11. Difficult to please



12. It’s all about the fun



13. Cliche burn!



14. It’s all good until crack dealers start showing up



15. Darren, Employee of the Month



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