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A Dad Goes Through Labor In Solidarity With His Wife Who’s About To Give Birth


A brave family vlogger from Ohio who shares his life as a dad and husband to create a virtual memory book for the future decided to experience what women go through in labor. Chris Balmert had woven to go through the experience if a previous video of his in which he wears an ’empathy belly’ for 24 hours to experience pregnancy reaches 100,000. He also did it out of solidarity with heavily-pregnant wife Lindsay in order to share what she was about to go through in a matter of days.

As the personal trainer lay down with the electrode extension of a muscle-contracting simulator attached to his abdomen, he admits to being nervous. He then squeals in pain, as Lindsay who had already given birth once before chuckles.

“That was just a contraction,” she says obviously entertained.

As Lindsay gradually increases the intensity of the contractions while having trouble hiding her glee, Chris’ cries of pain get louder and louder.

“I feel like my belly button is being pulled through my body,” he laments.

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The couple who live in Cleveland have an older son and welcomed their daughter Ryann, only several days after the viral video was shot. Ryann was diagnosed with a heart condition called L-TGA, which means the inside of her heart is ‘wired’ incorrectly.

Chris spoke exclusively to Metdaan about their family philosophy, the vlogging, and their daughter’s heart condition.

“There’s a method to our madness. We have a reason behind this. Our daughter was just born on March 6th with a rare congenital heart defect. We decided to record videos and vlogs to keep us positive as a family,” the self-professed SuperDad said.

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Speaking about the video’s success, but also on his and Lindsay’s general outlook on the future, the Clevelandian underlined how important connecting with other people is to them.

“Our mission is to share laughs and love while spreading awareness to help others. We are so happy to see that this video not only brought a smile to hundreds of millions of people all over the world, but we are even happier to see the video has allowed us to connect with other families who are in our shoes.”

So no matter who you are, what you do in life and where you live, the old adage about everybody needing somebody definitely applies here. Connect with the Balmerts through their Youtube channel or Facebook page and follow their adventures.

After all, it is what Chris says in his channel description: Subscribe to be a part of the family!

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