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The New Footage Of Kim And Ray J’s Famous Night Shows Another Side Of Kim We Never Knew

Ray J

When Kim Kardashian and Ray J decided to film their famous tape, they didn’t have any idea that they would be launching both of themselves into super-stardom, Kim in particular. At that time, for them it was just a normal vacation where they got to relax and party.



But now, more footage of their weekend is beginning to leak and well, it shows a whole different side of Kim we never saw before.


A Wild Getaway


In October 2013, Kim Kardashian and Ray J packed up their things to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Even though we know what they did there, there are still some parts of the trip that nobody knew until now.

The new footage is showing Ray J with Kim at their most relaxed… and wildest.

Birthday Bash

Kim was turning 23 years old at that time when the couple flew down to Cabo San Lucas and it’s undeniable that they had a serious chemistry back then. She couldn’t take her hands off of him, and the footage of her giving him a handsy dance proves just that.

“The Real Dessert”

In the clip Ray J says, “The dessert was off the chain and the real dessert is about to really be off the chain.” Kim teases to what we all know will be a steamy night when she says, “We’ll get to that later, so stay tuned! Girls gone wild!”

The Jewels


While in another piece of footage, the pair starts to get even more comfortable with each other, he grabs her chest in front of the restaurant and then Kim pays him back by grabbing at his crotch. Then, one of the employees jokes that she’s going for his “jewels.”

When they start kissing, someone else comments “I don’t know you, but you’re the man! You’re the luckiest man around.”

“Best Boyfriend”


The footage goes to an end when Kim opens up, “I wanna say that I have the best boyfriend in the world who took me to Cabo on my birthday.” She goes on to say, “I swear on Kendall and Kylie, I will never cheat on Ray J.”

Source: celebuzz

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