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Kim Kardashian Has Been On A Super Healthy Diet And Says Her Body Can’t Tolerate Junk Food Anymore


Kim Kardashian is a big fan of junk food, ice cream and churros. Or at least she used to be. The reality TV star recently revealed that she has been eating healthy for a while now and that her body can’t tolerate eating junk food anymore. Wow!

Her slimmer body has been clearly noticeable over recent months and Kim also answered some questions on Twitter revealing to her fans how she did it.


Kim devouring a cheeseburger with fries in 2013


Enjoying cotton candy back in 2011


Enjoying a treat with her best friend Jonathan Cheban

Asked: “When you have cheat days do you go all out or do you just take it easy?”

The mother-of-two replied: “Take it easy, it’s not worth it & I get sick now if I eat too much junk.”

During the Sunday night KUWTK episode, she connected with her new trainer and food coach, Melissa Alcantara, via Instagram.


According to the 37-year-old, her connecting with the trainer behind her transformed body was a coincidence. Kim credits Melissa, who goes under the handle @FitGurlMel, with transforming her post-baby body.

She told fans she was “stalking” on the app when she first saw Mel’s page: “She’s a hardcore bodybuilder & has changed my body!”

Asked if the change was hard, Kim replied: “Not hard when you want the change bad enough.”


During an event in Los Angeles last Friday


In the final blowout before the new fitness journey, the reality television star was seen eating a slice of pizza

And she insisted: “You just have to be determined & set your mind to it. I couldn’t do it without Melissa pushing me every day.”

A fan asked Kim if she was still on Mel’s healthy eating plan.

“It’s not a diet but a healthy lifestyle. I’m never deprived, just eat super healthy now,” the soon-to-be mother-of-three revealed.

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