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This Guy Figured Out KFC’s Amazing Twitter Gag And They Sent Him Something Special


KFC absolutely went insane this year. Did you know that they actually launched one of their Zinger sandwiches into space? Yes, really.

But, let’s be real, no matter how insane KFC’s marketing department goes, we will always love the feeling of tucking into a nice, hearty bucket of hot wings and some coleslaw on the side, right?


However, to correspond with the end of the year, the now-87-year-old fried chicken restaurant chain’s PR department’s insanity just reached its peak. At least, that’s what it seems like. Who knows what they might have in mind next?

Anyway, it all started with a guy called Mike Edgette, known on Twitter by the handle @edgette22, who managed to crack KFC’s Twitter gag.

You see, the restaurant chain’s official Twitter account follows only 11 people. Specifically, the 5 Spice Girls (separately) and 6 people named Herb.

At first, that might not sound all that significant, but remember KFC’s recipe slogan? 11 Herbs & Spices? Does it make sense now? DO YOU GET IT?!

Yes, somehow, no one noticed this until now with Mike Edgette, and needless to say, his post went viral and he just entered the internet Hall of Fame.

Not long after he tweeted this discovery and it went viral, someone knocked on Mike’s door. He opened up to find a mailman, asking him to sign a package.. “Package?” Edgette would have probably replied in a bemused fashion. “I didn’t order any package…”


How’s this for a gift! Mike got a painting of himself getting a piggyback off Colonel Sanders, while holding a chicken wing himself.

This is what you call fine art.


And that was not all, he also received this letter:


Here’s that letter in full:

“Mr. @edgette22,

It has come to my attention that I owe you a Kentucky Fried ‘thank you’. You were the one who found the obscure message hidden in who I was following on Twitter. I wasn’t sure if anyone in the world had the wits, skill and sheer determination to solve this puzzle I created. And you not only solved it, you went, as they say, ‘viral’ with it. So, from one refined yet still in-touch social media mogul to another: Well done.

You may not have noticed yet, but attached to this letter is a reasonably sized painting. This is a painting that I painted, with paint. And yet, it’s somehow more than that. It’s a metaphor. It’s a tribute. It’s a long-awaited payoff for those years of art classes I took from Lisa in Accounting’s weird aunt. But above all, it’s a thank you. A thank you for your service on the front lines of the internet, bringing people the web-based content they crave as much as my delicious chicken. Thank you, Mr. @edgette22. You’re as crispy as they come. Enough chitchat — here are 52 gift cards, each worth $5. I’d tell you not to spend it all in one place, but, well, you know.

Buckets of Regards,

Colonel Harland Sanders.”


Is this guy the best “win” that you’ve seen all week? Let us know in the comments!

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