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French Ken Dumps His Barbie Girlfriend After She Dyes Her Hair Brown


We live in a world where the mass media dictates the way we should live, dress, and think, and some people have taken this for granted. Although it’s hard not to succumb to social pressure and act like a Kardashian, many women see the family as their idols. But, it seems like the Kardashians are not the only influencers, but the good old Barbie and Ken from our childhood are present, too. A French couple loved them so much that they decided to spend an enormous sum of $300.000 dollars on plastic surgeries to look like them. Dolls-resembling Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar did this in 2015, but in February, Anastasia decided that she will no longer be blonde and dyed her hair brown. And Ken-looking Quentin was not so happy about it.

Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar, who both live in France, started their relationship in 2013. Reskoss and Dehar have had more than 15 plastic surgery procedures, the majority of which were funded by their parents. Quentin, from Marseille, France, and Anastasia, who lives in Paris, plan to continue having surgery and admit that they were obsessed with the dolls since they were very young.


Anastasia went through with her ambition to resemble the famous doll in high-school. She had her first procedures, a nose job and breast augmentation at the age of 18. She actually owned over 100 Barbie dolls as a child, and her parents just couldn’t resist helping her achieve her dreams.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Quentin elaborated on the self-consciousness he felt when he was a teenager. “At secondary school, I just felt very average. I wanted to change my all my facial features to emulate Ken.”
Quentin also underwent his first procedure at 18. It was a nose job, which was quickly followed by Botox injections as well.


Anastasia and Quentin crossed paths in 2013 at a boat party in Saint Tropez. She says, “when I laid eyes on Quentin for the first time, I knew that I’d found the love of my life.” They also had very similar interests, which added to their passion.  Anastasia and Quentin both tried to be the best versions of Barbie and Ken. Quentin actually encouraged her to change her diet and hire a personal trainer.


The couple has had a great number of surgeries. These include pectoral implants, Botox, breast augmentation, eye bag removal, ear reshaping, buttock implants and lip injections. They have also had criticism on the social media, but continued with their wish to live that way.

Everything seemed to be going well, until in February this year, Quentin decided to end the relationship. This happened after Anastasia decided to dye her hair brown, and her Ken didn’t like girls who aren’t blonde. “I separated from Anastasia because I fell out of love with her”, he explains for the media. The 24-year-old Quentin is now a TV personality in France. He hopes to meet another girl who will fulfil his dreams of living as a happily-in-love Ken.

Quentin also continues with his procedures, although doctors have warned him about his health issues. After Quentin was involved in a car accident last year, his doctors told him the truth. They explained that his nose jobs had left him with respiratory problems. His nose is now too small to breathe through.


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