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Kaley Cuoco’s Breast Is On Snapchat, But You Won’t See It

Kaley Cuoco
Editorial Credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com


The lovely Kaley Cuoco, that we all know and love in ‘The Big Bang Theory’, was playing with the Snapchat filters on Wednesday, with her stylist and friend Brad Goreski.

So, she discovered many filters, including the deer one, the permanent frown one, but during all this play, she unexpectedly exposed her breast. However, the crisis was cutely averted when her stylist remembered to cover it with the heart emoji, and to create a fun video for the fans.

Pity she doesn’t have her own Snapchat account, it would be so funyn to watch her goof around and enjoy her beauty.


Getting in on the fun, her stylist rocked the super creepy old man filter while pointing to the actresses ‘heart.’


Here she is with the deer filter.


And since we can’t see her on Snapchat every day, we decided to enjoy some other photos of her, posted on other social media.



The next page shows the “heart emoji-creepy old man” Snap 😉

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