Jordan Kahana Found Two Little Pupies In The Street And The Adopted Them


Going on a trip to a place where you have never been before will also mean that you will experience new things. I mean that’s what traveling is for, right? But I am really sure that this man, Jordan Kahana was not expecting this to happen at all!

While out on a road trip, this man found a pair of puppies in the middle of the road. The two cute puppies changed his life forever! Let us tell you the story.

In November, 2016, Jordan was going to adopt a husky, but he decided not to in the last second. Around the same time came the holidays, and he decided that he would go on a road tip.

With great power comes great responsibility 🐺🐺

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His journey was mapped to take him from his home in L.A to Arizona. Of course, to visit the Grand Canyon. While driving through an empty highway, Jordan noticed two cute little puppies, that were left completely alone. Being a dog-lover he went and rescued them from the road and took them to an animal hospital nearby. After the dogs got taken care of, Jordan decided to adopt the puppies.

I’m not a regular dog dad. I’m a cool dog dad 📸 @timsek 📱@sarahherron

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The awesome thing about this story is that it is completely filmed and you can check it out below.

Source:USA CHANNEL, littlethings

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