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Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Are Definitely The #FitCoupleGoals

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There’s no doubt that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez make us weak at the knees every time we see them together, but their latest adventure is really the #FitCoupleGoals we could ever dream of. The duo just recently stopped by celebrity trainer David Kirsch’s Madison Square Club for a workout and things got hot and sweaty right away.


Source: Instagram user jlo

Jennifer actually worked out with Kirsch in the past and she shared three videos on her Instagram story to show her sweat session with her bae. At first, we can see Alex doing push-ups, alternating between placing his hands on the ground and two step platforms while Jennifer is doing some sit-ups with a medicine ball. She is wearing supercute patterned leggings while in the last clip, J Lo lays on top of A Rod who’s doing push-ups.

And that’s what we call one hell of a partner.

J Lo’s caption says it all.


Source: Instagram user jlo

I mean, just look at that exquisite form!


Source: Instagram user jlo

See? Her leggings are hella cute!


Source:Instagram user jlo

When it comes to sit-ups, Jenny From the Block doesn’t mess around you guys.


Source: Instagram user jlo

The couple that works out together, stays together.


Source: Instagram user jlo

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