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Jason Momoa Admited To Fans That He Would Love To Play Kratos From ‘God Of War’


Jason Momoa is certainly a man for a big role. He already played the King of Atlantis but he has his sights on another God portraying role. During a Comic Con event, Jason was asked if he knew PlayStation’s God Of War series and he responded: “Do I know God of War? Yeah, the guy with the white paint… I would love to play him.”

Then, the fan continued to ask him: “If Sony ever contacted you, would you consider playing him?”

Even though the reply was pretty simple, it was enough to excite the fans.  He said: “Hell, yeah!”

Source: tbreakTV

And we totally agree, he is the best match out there with the hench physique and rage that became familiar in other hit roles. Also the new design for Kratos in God Of War 4 sees him sport a beard and it’s almost like they are making the character ready for Jason to step into it.

But unfortunately, Sony has no desire yet to make God Of War fit for the silver screen despite rumors. Anyways, with the recent success of 2016’s Assassin’s Creed it might not be long before God Of War is created too.

For now we will have to be happy for Momoa to reprise his Aquaman role on two occasions. With the release of Justice League in 2017 and a film based around his character in 2018.

He will also star in a film called Braven which will be released this year.

In the Justice League we will see a unification of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Mera and Aquaman.

Quite exciting, yeah?


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