Comedian Pokes Fun At Celebrity Instagram Photos Through Intelligent Parody


In an intelligent and funny parody, Australian comedian Celeste Barber has mocked the pretentiousness of celebrity Instagram profiles and showed their removal from the reality of everyday life.

WHY DO RICH PEOPLE NEED SO MUCH SHIT TO CLEAN THEIR TEETH? ITS NOT THAT FUCKING HARD. (sorry for yelling) #celestechallengeaccepted #kyliejenner #funny #celestebarber

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The happily married mother of two has been working the Australian comedy circuit for over a decade, including television, theater and sold-out stand-up shows. Her emergence in the online world has been equally successful, with her Facebook page gaining 240k+ followers and #celestechallengeaccepted clocking up over 1.2 MILLION followers on Instagram. Her work is followed by Robbie Williams, Ashton Kutcher and, George Takei, among others.

Celeste pokes fun at celebrity Instagram pics, magazine photos and product ads to show the distance between them and her reality as a mom and “normal” person.

It is all in good spirits, though, as the comedian’s idea is above all to make her followers, particularly those who are parents, realize that “being normal is awesome.”

“I just wanted to make people laugh,” she told The Huffington Post. “I like to make fun of myself.”

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