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8 Inspiring Examples Of How Remarkable Design Can Be


They say one shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but looking for inspiring ways to make your living space more enjoyable can simply be seen as oiling a potentially squeaky one. Creativity is always welcomed and it can help transform what is already good into something truly remarkable. Here are eight incredible designs that might provide you with a whole new perspective of looking at places and objects and wake up the dormant wish to reinvent the wheel inside of you.

1. Bunk beds

Source: wimp

This space-saving solution is perfect for playing, sleeping, reading, and keeping things organized.

2. An inspiring workspace

Source: wimp

This piano desk will be adored by musicians who need their creativity stimulated at all times.

3. A bendy bike lock

Source: wimp

Thieves will be too confused to try and steal a bike secured in such a manner.

4. A practical yet beautiful staircase

Source: wimp

Whether on foot or in a wheelchair, the designers of this staircase thought both about the user and about elegance.

5. An excuse-proof toilet paper holder

Source: wimp

You will be out of reasons not to replace the roll.

6. A cat-friendly coffee table

Source: wimp

Your cat will love being in the middle of the action and you will love saving space on a cat bed.

7. A tool wrap

Source: wimp

Make carrying around school supplies a little more fun.

8. A camouflaged peephole

Source: wimp

Get a glimpse of the person ringing the door in an unexpected way with this fish-eye doorknob.

From: tiphero

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