Idris, The Indian Toilet Cleaner Whose Story Should Be Inspiration To Fathers Everywhere


‘Heroes of Life’ is the project of Bangladeshi documentary photographer GMB Akash who has documented the “the real life experiences of some incredible human beings who encounter hardship, suffering, and struggles but always find their way to love and light” for the last nine years. The award-winning photographer who has received more than 80 international awards and whose work has been featured in over 70 major international publications says he wants to be ‘the voice of voiceless people’ whose stories would otherwise remain unheard and undiscovered. One such tale GMB Akash recently brought to worldwide prominence is the one about Idris, an Indian manual laborer whose tale the photographer heard by chance.


GMB Akash has shared the touching story of Idris, a cleaner from the city of Hyderabad in the southern Indian state of Telangana


Idris’ story has touched hundreds of thousands worldwide and has been widely shared on social media platforms


In a recent interview with The Epoch Times, GMB Akash has confirmed this story which has warmed the hearts of thousands will find its way into his third photography book ‘Heroes of life’, a book in which true untold stories and real life experiences will intertwine with photographs in order to ‘bring the greatest possible changes’ to the lives of the people in those stories and pictures.



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