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Hundreds Rally In Solidarity Walk For Racially Abused Boy

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Mateus Romualdo is an 11 year old boy who was racially abused by a car full of teenagers when he was walking home from school. The incident happened on October 5.  Romualdo was afraid the other kids were going to shoot him, as he told his mother Heather.


“I honestly never thought there would be this kind of an attack on him,” Heather told reporters. He felt very terrified and actually told me he thought the kids were going to shoot him.”


Furthermore, she went on to post a status on Facebook describing the events that occurred. The post has since gathered the attention of a lot of social media users, including Troy Harlan, Mateus’ basketball coach. According to Fox News, he reported: “I know that when I read the post that his mom wrote about him being scared, I’ve gone through all that. I grew up in Davis County and I know what it feels like to be one of only two black kids at my school.”

The basketball coach went on to organize a walk encouraging everyone who wishes to accompany Mateus home. The amount of people that showed up can be seen in a Fox News video report.  “Don’t let this be the last time you walk for solidarity,” Heather can be heard telling the crowd. Harlan even managed to recruit the Utah Jazz Bear  and former and now retired Utah Jazz basketball player Thurl Bailey.


Source: Fox 59

Fox News reported that Harlan stated, “The message I want to happen is that people need to be held accountable. You’re not born to hate people, you’re taught to hate people. I don’t care what color you are, we are all the same.”


Source: Fox 59

“Since the incident last Thursday, our family has received an incredible outpouring of support, love, and offers to walk Mateus home from school, from close friends to complete strangers. This peaceful event is an opportunity for all of those that are interested and able to visibly demonstrate their solidarity and support of Mateus and all of the other children who should be able to safely walk home from school, and our ABSOLUTE intolerance of racism,” the post read.

Heather has since  filed a complaint with the local authorities and the case is now under investigation.


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