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Proof That A Simple Hug Can Mean A Lot In Your Relationship


Not everyone can express what they feel, some lack the words to deliver how much they love the other person. Still, the majority of our communication is done through body language so a simple hug can mean a lot.


For example, how a person hugs you, says a lot about what they feel about you.


When someone hugs you from the back that means they are very protective. They are ready to take responsibility and make you feel safe.


If he still hasn’t said the three magic words, he will soon. The way he holds you tells a lot how he feels about you. But, they tend to fall out of love as quickly as they fell.


This hug is pretty friendly and should give you no hope. If you two are friends, it will definitely remain a friendship. And if you’re already in a relationship, you should be a little bit worried.


So, if the nature of the hug is gentle and they are looking into your eyes, it means you share a special connection with that person.


A hug like this, means that you are not into each other that much. You are doing everything just for the sake of it and you need to know what is going on in your partner’s head.


This type of hug includes love and support and is given especially when you need it the most. 7

The person who “hugs” you like this, wants to protect you from all the bad out there. But if this hug is given to you from a female, then you are friend-zoned. No hope for a relationship.


Some men want to mark their territory and show the world his woman. This hug is quick to move ahead in the relationship and lacks patience.


If your partner hugs you strongly while stroking your back them, you should feel special. He wants to treat you in a special manner and take care of you. Such people are sincere to the core and romantic in nature. If you are in a relationship with such a person, you should think about your future.


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