15 Honest DIY Life Hacks


Enough with the ‘best hacks out there’ malarkey. Enough with DIY home improvements. Enough with making your house more functional. Enough with pretension. Do It Yourself is not done only for one to gather more likes on Facebook and Instagram. It is also done so one can get drunk and not fall asleep under a heap of beer cans.

Here are some of the most honest, simultaneously ridiculous, yet ingenious solutions to life’s problems.

1. Drinking and recycling

1. Encouraging both drinking and recycling

2. The latest X-box has hundreds of new features, including reminding customers you’re open

2. The latest X-box has hundreds of new features, including doorstop capabilities

3. Thinking outside the box

3. Think outside the box. Put chairs upside down. See what happens.

4. From Russia with love

4. It’ll also look like you’re waving to the car behind you. Friendly and practical!

5. A royal scepter

5. With this handy hack, your beer will never escape you

6. Reckless, yet innovative

6. Reckless, yet innovative

7. Conceptual art

7. If in doubt, call it art

8. Longboards also have multiple purposes

8. Props to this guy for using a longboard to fix his car

9. Our favorite one

9. Genius

10. A dream home

10. I hope that’s not vodka…

11. Information technology


12. This is how we made it to the moon

12. This looks like the end result of a team building activity

13. The spoon that wanted something more from life

13. You never know when you’ll need a plastic spoon

14. Sports fans will go crazy for this contraption

14. There’s definitely a good idea there somewhere

15. Scrapheap Challenge is calling their name

15. Scrapheap Challenge is calling their name


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