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While On Holiday, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield Got Drunk On Shots


The cast and crew of breakfast television have a tough job, they wake up early everyday and can’t stay up late most nights, so, it’s no surprise if they feel like turning the volume up a bit when they’re on holiday. However, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield from ITV’s This Morning weren’t the only ones enjoying time together, they were joined on their trip to Portugal by The chase hosts, Bradley Walsh and Peter Jones.

But it looks like things got very intense during one evening when they started shooting shots. The gang was seen at a large white table in Schofield’s Snapchat video series. When the shots arrived, Bradley seemed a little bit shocked asking:”Are these all for me?”

When it was Mrs Willoughby’s turn to pass the shots, The TV host tried to slide the tray across to Bradly but some spilled over on the table. You can clearly hear Phillip saying: “Holly bloody sodding Willoughby, spilled the whole… God damn!”

Then Holly jumps out of her seat to clean the mess. Though the holiday, Schofield has been very active in updating his Snapchat story with one snap showing him with Holly with the caption “Reunited”.

They also celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary during the holiday.


One Twitter use though complained saying: “I don’t like This Morning without @schofe.”  Phillip then confirmed that they will be back by September 4th.

Featured Image Credit: Phillip Schofield/Snapchat

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