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16 Hilarious And Shameless People That Just Don’t Give A Damn


I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t feel very comfortable about doing stupid stuff in public. By stupid stuff, of course, I mean embarrassing and weird things that will grab other people’s attention and just make me look like a total weirdo. Even though I probably don’t even know most of those people, I’ll still ruin my image in their eyes, and I just don’t want to meet them one day and hear them say “Wait,  you’re that guy that did [embarrassing thing] that time” followed by laughter.

These people you’re about to see, though, are the total opposite. They just don’t care. At all.

Check out the gallery and enjoy a laugh or two.

1. The king of comedy

Has Jim Carrey ever been or done anything serious in his life? I’m gonna guess no.

16 Hilarious And Shameless People That Just Don't Give A Damn 1

2. There are so many ways this is wrong

16 Hilarious And Shameless People That Just Don't Give A Damn 2

3. Cooldown

I’d wonder what the people opposite of him’s reactions were.


3. Let’s just segway into this


4. Lucid dreaming is for the weak

Welcome to extremely lucid dreaming.


5. Now that’s just inappropriate


6. They should have tried to find an even smaller tub


7. Taking a dip


8. Just a casual beer in class, nothing much

This must be one badass school for allowing beer in class.


9. I bet her parents are really proud

I’d be too.


10. “Workout? Nah, I’m too old for this s@%t”

Just have a Martini grandma, you deserve it.


11. Wrong way, grandpa

I can hear grandma charging in with a baseball bat already.


12. It’s a better way to forget than just drinking

He simply does not care.


13. Impressive, but not sure about the place she decided to do this


14. Another badass school

For allowing their students to grill rashers in class.


15. Cat Man

Proof that everyone likes cats. This dude looks like he can give you a good beating, and yet he has a cat on his vest.



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