Highlighting That Cuts Open Your Heart And Makes It Bleed


The power of highlighting is undeniable. There is nothing in the makeup process that make you stand out more than a good highlighting technique. It attracts attention by attracting light to the key features of your face. The point is to bring forth the bone structure that you were graced with since birth. You want to sharpen the edges as much as you can.

Meet the pharaoh of highlighting.


Source: Instagram | @poeticdrugs

He goes by the alias of @poeticdrugs and has more than 100 photos of himself with an ace game of highlighting on his Instagram.


Source: Instagram | @poeticdrugs

This guy’s natural comprehension of bone structure and lightening amaze me. I am in awe of his technique. It’s not as sleek. It is intentionally exaggerated and very romantic.


Source: Instagram | @poeticdrugs

I love that he uses colors that are vibrant, instead of something that’s low profile.


Source: Instagram | @poeticdrugs

That cheek will cut through your heart.


Source: Instagram | @poeticdrugs

Imagine how that cheek must look like when spotted from afar. Imagine someone coming towards your general direction, walking sexy and confidently, and suddenly the whole world stops moving.

Him using golden highlighter in this particular photo, makes him look like those beautiful, ambiguous pharaohs. He truly looks like royalty. Anyone would for the love of God! That nose is so well done and so radical and chic with a ring on the septum, I wanna die! Extravaganza! YAS! Slay!


Source: Instagram | @poeticdrugs
Main Image via Instagram | @poeticdrugs

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