After The Happy Ending: How Did The Disney Princesses Look When They Became Queens?


Do you ever wonder what happens after a happy ending? If we could look beyond the last ride into the sunset, what would we see? What happens to our heroes and heroines when the story ends but their lives continue? Do they live happily ever after? Do they stay the same?

LA-based photographer Tony Ross has tried to give answers to these questions when it comes to the most famous Disney princesses, by juxtaposing how they looked in the original stories with how he imagined them to have aged. By asking the models to call in their moms who then posed as the mythical matriarchs, Ross connects the youth of Disney’s most iconic maidens with their latter lives as majestic queens.

“…The main idea was to portray the relationship between a true mother and daughter as the same princesses a generation apart to show the similarities, the features that are alike,” the photographer told A Plus. The costumes worn in the photo shoot were supplied by Nephi Garcia, a designer acclaimed for his collection of Disney-inspired children’s outfits.

Set in recognizable settings, with their attires depicting the passage of time, this original photography series is not only a tribute to some of our favorite heroines of all time, but it ponders the eternal questions of parents and children, aging and legacy.

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1. Mulan


2. Ariel


3. Snow White


4. Cinderella


5. Elena


6. Belle


Source:Tony Ross, boredpanda

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