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12 Halloween Costumes To Give You A Few Ideas For This Year’s Spooky Attire

12 Halloween Costumes To Give You A Few Ideas For This Year's Spooky Attire

Halloween is just around the corner, for a lot of people the most highly anticipated holiday of the year. Since it’s coming up so soon, you know what it’s time to do: it’s time to start planning out what costume you’re going to wear and what you’ll need to achieve that costume.

If you’re stuck on ideas, then take a look at this gallery of amazing Halloween costumes, brought by Diply.

1. Look, it’s Lil Jon Snow!

If you know nothing, then get low!

If you wanna go the pop culture route, mashups are always a win. Check out Lil Jon Snow — yeeeauh!

Source: Reddit | bconn714

2. Oh look, it’s Walter White…bread hamburger bun.

All we need is Aaron Paul dressed as a glass of Coke and we’ll have Jesse Drinkman.

Breaking Bad was so popular that it's still relevant, right? Either way, people will relish this Heisen-burger costume!

Source: Reddit | BallsAndBells

3. This one will cause a ton of hate

If your costume has a sensitive theme, it’s best to prepare for all the hate you’ll inevitably receive.

Hating things seems to be pretty popular this year — why not go for the lighter side of bigotry and be "lactose intolerant"?

Source: Reddit | TombRaider9

4. I’m willing to bet that there will be a fair bit of Wonder Woman costumes

 There's going to be a ton of Wonder Woman costumes out there this year — I'd bet good money on it. Make yours unique with everybody's favorite carb loaf, "Wonder Bread"!

Source: Instagram | @erikalaurenluvs

5. I can’t tell the difference!

Like father, like son — no, like, literally!

Source: Imgur | jschu2711

6. Not a lot to do here

But it’s still a great, meaningful costume.

This one's got minimal effort, but maximum results! 👌

Source: Instagram | @honeyb_wanders •

7. You’ll get the attention of everyone with this costume

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross?

Who doesn't love Bob Ross? This makes a great couples' costume if you have a partner willing to be referred to as "a happy little mistake."

Source: Imgur

8. A literal mail-order bride

This mail-order bride costume is super impressive. You're bound to freak some people out with this illusion!

Source: Reddit | Manda-lee23 | Reddit | Manda-lee23

9. This looks like a great idea if you’re a weatherman

 This super spoopy skeleton costume is easy enough to pull off. All you need is a decorative skeleton, a green morph-suit and a professional camera crew.

Source: Reddit | PassTheSyrup

10. An amazing Louis C.K costume

 I had to put my buddy Patrick on this list for his Louis C.K. costume that he pulled off last year! 💯

Source: Reddit | foadhp

11. Wendy from Wendy’s?

Is this the Wendy that runs the Twitter account? Cause girl, you’re a straight savage!

 Don't let the freckles and pigtails fool ya, Wendy from Wendy's is a total savage.

Source: Imgur | Corpserations

12. And finally, the Picard facepalm

This one will come in handy when everyone’s costumes are… well, shocking.

And lastly, the costume you make when you realize everyone else's costumes are totally lame compared to yours.

Source: Imgur | stoosherman
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