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20 Hair Transformations That Might Be The Final Push For You To Cut Your Hair

20 Hair Transformations That Might Be The Final Push For You To Cut Your Hair

Everyone likes really long hair. I know guys will go on and on about how gorgeous that blonde girl is when she goes to tie her long, thick locks together. However, it’s hard to take care of, and while you can’t possibly know for sure, sometimes, short hair might suit you a whole lot better!

So if you’re considering getting your locks chopped off in favor of a nice, carfree, easy to maintain short hairstyle, these photos might just be that last kick you need to make an appointment at your hair salon. Go on take the plunge and if it doesn’t work out always remember – hair grows!

1. From mom cut to funky cut!

My Mom Asked Me For Something Fun To Play With Before Chemo Takes Her Hair

Source: borrow_a_feeling

2. Shaved her blonde locks to support cancer patients

This is just heartwarming.

My Friend Shaved Off All Her Gorgeous Blonde Hair In Support Of One Of The Teachers At Our School Whose 3 Year Old Son And 2 Year Old Daughter Both Have Cancer. She Is Beautiful Inside And Out

Source: redpanda252

3. That’s an intense transformation

Extreme Transformation

Source: chopitoff

4. A new gender means a new hairstyle

This is more of a… reverse haircut, if you will.

New Gender, New Hair (My Transition)

5. Learning how to take care of your curls can make a huge difference

If you have naturally curly hair, embrace it!

Four Year Transformation, All From Learning How To Take Care Of My Curls

Source: capslockramen

6. An amazing transformation

 My Biggest Transformation

Source: bescene

7. Gorgeous!

 Incredible Transformation

Source: meucabelocurto

8. Glow up

 Incredible Transformation

Source: meucabelocurto

9. She’s pretty both ways, if we’re honest

Before And After Haircut

Source: rodrigovizu

10. Intense and beautiful transformation

Extreme Transformation

Source: chopitoff

11. She looks great with short hair

From Long To Short

Source: rambutbob

12. Which one do you think is better?

 Before And After

Source: sabrina_nordichairconcept

13. This gentleman gave all his hair to Locks of Love


 Gave All My Hair To Locks Of Love

Source: love_otter

14. This lady claims it’s the best hair-related decision she has ever made

We agree!

Chopped Most Of My Hair Off. Best Hair Related Decision I Ever Made

Source: ATaleOfTwoSeaMonkeys

15. Looking much better

 TSA Doesn't Randomly Pick Me Anymore

16. Kudos to this girl for wanting to donate

My 6-Year-Old Daughter Cut Off Over 13 Inches Of Her Hair To Donate

Source: lauraseb

17. This girl was suffering from depression and decided to chop off and donate her 28 inch hair

I Have Depression And I Always Wanted To Shave My Head. So I Shaved It And Donated My 28 Inch Long Hair

18. Look how long this guy’s locks were!

I Just Got My First Haircut In 6 Years. What Do You Think?

Source: Kanuhduh

19. This cutie donated more than half of her hair

Donating More Than Half Of Hair

Source: rodrigovizu

20. It’s a great idea to donate your hair to those who need it

Like this pretty lady did.

Donate Your Hair To People Who Lost Their Own Hair Due To Cancer Treatment, Hormone Disorders Etc. You'll Get A Nice New Look And A Great Feeling

Source: anyaschka

Have you changed your mind about keeping your long locks? Let us know in the comments!

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