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27 Great Ideas If You Have A Small Laundry Space


People that live alone or don’t have a big family tend to live in smaller apartments or houses. When you have a smaller place to live, a good idea is to use all of the available space to fit as many things in it as you can. It’s called making good use of the available space and one of the places in your living quarter where space really does matter is the laundry space. Here are some creative ideas on the subject.

1. A drying rack like this makes a lot of sense


Source:DIY Laundry Room Drying Rack | Centsational Girl

2. Cleaning solution racks


Source:Tiny Wall Baskets | Waffling Design

3. Fold-away ironing board


Source:DIY Fold-Away Ironing Board | Folksy Home

4. Pull out sweater rack


Source:DIY Pull-out Sweater Drying Rack | Sawdust Girl

5. A retractable clothesline hidden inside a cabinet


Source:Use a Retractable Clothesline Hidden in a Cabinet | Just About Home

6. Racks on the door

Perfect for storing all the products necessary for doing laundry.


Source:Over The Door Storage with Chalkboard Paint | My Sweet Savannah

7. It’s also a good idea to add a little bit of color to it


Source:Less Cake More Frosting

8. Neatly organized


Source:Keller Creative

9. A shelf above the washing machines is always a good idea


Source:Poppies At Play

10. Have a multi-tasking laundry room

Double up on uses for a room by putting the washer and dryer in a bathroom or garage or using the laundry room for tool storage or an office.


Source:Retro Rad Laundry Room in the Garage | Cavender Diary Blog on I Heart Organizing

11. Half-bath half laundry


Source:Gray Beadboard Laundry in a Half Bath | Home With Baxter

12. Combo laundry room and office


Source:Laundry Closet Meets Office | Organized by Helen

13. Do laundry in the kitchen

I don’t know about the window, but it still saves you some space.


Source:Laundry Room Studio Office | Show and Tell

14. Stack the washing machines in the half-bath


Source: Stacked Laundry in the Half Bath | The Long Awaited Home

15. Hide away the laundry room

Hiding the room doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hide from the laundry, though.


Source:Hidden Behind Doors in the Bathroom | Southern Living

16. Laundry closet and ironing station

Not exactly the cleanest setup, if I’m honest with you.


Source:Hallway Laundry Closet and Ironing Station | The Yummy Life

17. A laundry pantry in the kitchen

Well hidden and a pantry well used if you have enough space in other places.


Source:Laundry Pantry in the Kitchen | Southern Living

18. A secret laundry room


Source:Secret Laundry Room | Handy Man, Crafty Woman

19. Hidden behind some sliding doors


Source:Hidden Behind Fun Barn Doors | Houzz

20. Shelves or storage units of any form

Save as much space as possible, and one of the ways you can do that is through the shelves and racks to store products and other necessary stuff.


Source:Contemporary Laundry | Houzz

21. Just keeping it simple


Source:Small Laundry Room Makeover | View Along The Way

22. Mudroom


Source:Organized Mudroom Laundry | Pook & Lexi

23. Tiled room


Source:Tiny Tiled Laundry | A Touch of Tyrell

24. Items on the shelf


Source:Laundry Room Shelving | Misadventures in DIY

25. Simple organization


Source:Simply Organized Laundry | Ask Anna

26. Stacked machines and tidy shelves


Source:Tiny Laundry Room | Young House Love

27. Cubbies for baskets


Source:Organized Laundry Closet with Cubbies| Organize and Decorate Everything

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