This Little Girl’s Alopecia Didn’t Stop Her From Stealing The Show At Her Crazy Hair Day


Remember Crazy Hair Day at school? At first, it seemed like young school girl Gianessa Wride almost couldn’t participate, as she had lost pretty much all her hair thanks to being diagnosed with alopecia.

For those that don’t know, alopecia is a condition where the body fails to recognize its own cells and therefore has no choice but to destroy its own tissue, ultimately leading to baldness, mostly on the scalp.

The seven-year-old started to show signs of the condition back in January, eventually losing all of her hair within three weeks. Gianessa, who hails from Salem, Utah, USA, wanted to take part in her school’s Crazy Hair Day, but couldn’t because of her alopecia.

However, Gianessa’s mother didn’t allow the condition to step in the way.

“I know she just wants to be like other kids and just fit in and have fun. She loves this kind of thing.”

This Little Girl's Alopecia Didn't Stop Her For Stealing The Show On Her Crazy Hair Day 1

Ultimately, Gianessa’s mother decided to decorate her head with scrapbook jewels.
“She looked in the mirror and said, ‘Mom, this is awesome!'”

This Little Girl's Alopecia Didn't Stop Her For Stealing The Show On Her Crazy Hair Day 2

The decoration paid off, as not only did Gianessa love it, but so did everyone else in her class, to the point of naming her best crazy hair of the class.


While there are rare instances of people with alopecia experiencing hair regrowth, it seems like Gianessa will stay bald for the rest of her life.

This doesn’t bother her, however.


With a positive, strong attitude like that, I think it’s safe to say that this fierce young lady is going to be just fine.


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