Thanks To Her Galaxy Paintings, This 5-Year-Old Has Donated $750 To Charity


I won’t lie, I am incredibly jealous of people that know how to paint. They can make incredible artwork and they make all their amazing, realistic drawings look so easy and yet they are so not easy to make, come on!

However, would you expect a 5-year-old to be insanely good at drawing? Let alone making money from it? And then donating that money to charity?

Well, that’s exactly what Cassie Swirls does. She discovered her passion for painting at the age of 3, and hasn’t put down her brushes since then. And let me tell you, she may be only 5, but even at this age she’s done more for charity than people ten times her age.

Cassie has sold her incredible galaxy paintings and has made a good amount of money selling them, and she has donated $750 of her earnings to charity. Well done, Cassie!

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Check out the paintings below:

Thanks To Her Galaxy Paintings, This 5-Year-Old Has Donated $750 To Charity 1

Before I let you enjoy these paintings, I’ll just rudely interrupt with a fun fact

Did you know that some of these patterns were created by just using a fork or skewer?


It’s like a planet of art.


She hasn’t even gone to college yet, look at this. I can draw stick figures.


Would you say this is a 5-year-old person?


Show us your way, Cassie.



Cassie’s biggest painting – 48″ x 36″.



She loves using metallics and glitter to make her paintings “happy”.


Show me, master.



And yet, she manages to be cute, still.


A lot of glitter was used in the production of this starry night sky.


And here’s Cassie doing what she does best:

Source: CassieSwirls Videos , boredpanda

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