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16 Funny Snapchat Stories That Will Make Your Day


Updating everyone about what exactly you’re doing in every single goddamn moment of your life is extremely fun! Technology is brilliant, isn’t it? Allowing people to share their experiences, no matter how inconsequential, with the whole world. Amazing. No more living in suspense wondering, “What is Paul having for lunch today?” Because now you can find out via the social media!

Actually, it really is a good thing that they invented these ways of fast communication and sharing photographs of things that happen to you. Because if they hadn’t, we would never have found diamonds like these. Check out this gallery of hilarious Snapchats, as compiled by Diply.

1. When your pet turkey wants to go for a ride

C’mon Mary, take me for a ride. I want to see the world before Thanksgiving comes…


Source: Twitter | @BestTwlt

2. Bad Luck Brian’s graduation photograph

Well, he became a meme, and that’s the best you can wish for someone. Or is it the worst…?


Source: Instagram

3. Devil’s in the details

What she left out is that all of this happened in the span of one hour. Now that folks, is true love.


Source: Instagram

4. Magical Mystery Tour

Oh, dear. I hope that you don’t get stuck with the unicorn curse. Also, that you find yourself a partner soon, you know, somebody to love…


Source: The Chive

5. He’s just giving himself a pup talk.

You can do this, Rex. You’re the good boy. Yes, you are. Yes, you are.



Source: Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

6. I just can’t stand when something like this happens!

Limping your way out is your only option, I’m afraid…


Source: Instagram

7. What is that? Calling it a pizza is going a bit too far…

Two slices of that thing is two slices too many.


Source: Imgur | h9290

8. Going to college is such a wonderful experience

College makes sure you get your priorities straight…


Source: Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

9. It’s just simple math

He should’ve handed out McDonald’s job applications as well, for added effect.


Source: Reddit | Ethan430

10. It’s like his head is full of air…

The hood is a dangerous place to live for a balloon. Too many needles…


Source: Instagram | @nochill

11. Someone hit a raw nerve…

And someone overreacted slightly. And I say slightly, because he was clear-headed enough to correct a spelling mistake.


Source: Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

12. The wallpaper is alive!

You know that moment when your cat suddenly stops and stares fixedly at one point and apparently there’s nothing there? It’s not nothing…


Source: Reddit | Perrinho

13. Once you go stained glass you never go back

Ah, children… What will they come up with next? A new gender? Oh, wait…


Source: The Chive

14. I bet if he showed her this picture, she’d be very amused.

So amused in fact, it might speed up the process.


Source: The Chive

15. By the power of s’mores

Suddenly everything is clear and all the secrets of the universe are revealed.


Source: Reddit | givemeyourpasta

16. She left quite an impression

And that bed will always remember her. It is memory foam, after all.


Source: TheThings
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