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Fitness Model Claims She Can’t Have Female Friends Because They’re Too Jealous Of Her


You don’t have to hide from it; sometimes, when you’re just walking down the street, you start comparing yourself to other people that you think look better than you, and it ultimately leads to you being a little bit jealous of them.

That was the case with fitness model Jane Curnow. But, according to what she’s saying, she’s not the one who is jealous.


The 51-year-old Australian fitness lady claims that she is so beautiful, that she can no longer have female friends because of how jealous they are of her.


“After my second marriage ended, I entered the single scene and quickly realized just how much attention men were giving me,” the Australian revealed to

“I’d get constant looks and comments and felt like men were undressing me with their eyes,” she added.


“Women were (and still are) jealous and resentful towards me, but at the time I didn’t put it down to my looks and their own insecurities,” she added.

A lot of people out there, whether if it’s under or beyond their control, can sometimes feel jealous and even fear of those who they think look better than them. Jane claims that she was surprised when the jealousy extended to her group of friends.


“I’ve lost many friends and always thought it was my fault,” she said.

“I didn’t attribute it to my looks until my 30s,” she continued, “when so-called friends walked out on me in bars because of the male attention I received.”

In her 30s, Jane was diagnosed with depression, and it ultimately led to her attempting suicide, but she managed to resolve it with her newfound passion for bodybuilding.


“On reflection, I realized the power of my appearance, but the resulting feelings were not of pride or happiness, but of incredible pressure,” she said.

“I asked myself; If I’m as good looking as everyone says, then why am I so unhappy? Why aren’t I living the dream?” she also added.


She eventually became obsessed with the way she looked and tried her best to look as good as humanly possible, in an attempt to find out what her friends were seeing in her that she wasn’t, but in the long run, this didn’t satisfy her.

“If you don’t love yourself without the body and looks, this doesn’t change when you do. In fact, it only highlights how much you hate the person inside. You end up attaching your self-worth to the outside which is the wrong way around,” she continued.


Now a fitness and lifestyle coach, Curnow prides herself on her ability to train women into embracing what makes them beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

Kudos to Jane!

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