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You Might Have Difficulties Finding The Animals In These Photos


Nature is astonishing and will take your breath away every time you decide to go on a walk. It is always sunrise somewhere, the dew is never all dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising. It’s all very magical and the animals living on the islands, or in the forests are nature’s best illusionists. Some of them have learned to adapt to their surroundings to survive, so you won’t really notice them. Just be careful of the snakes!

You will probably be taken completely by surprise when you do notice some of these animals that evolved to mimic their surroundings. Some of them use camouflage as a cunning plan to catch prey, while others hide from dangerous predators.
For example, the owl is a master of disguise as it seamlessly merges into a stone wall it is sitting on, silently waiting for its prey.

Trying to spot one of these chameleon-like animals is a great exercise for your brain. As you may know, brain teasers and optical illusions will give you much sharper and clearer-thinking brain.

Maybe your body is in good shape as you spend all your days in a gym, but if you neglect your brain what’s the point?
You are basically driving a Ferrari on two AA batteries, it just doesn’t work!

So if you enjoy testing your brain here are eleven visual optical illusions captured in pictures, compiled by auntyacid. Try not to cheat, they do require more effort and time spent on them.

1. Try to spot the snake


This one is almost impossible to find even if you are looking at it for minutes, let alone if you are just running through a park early in the morning, still sleepy. So everyone, please remember to be more aware of sneaky snakes hiding in a pile of brown leaves.

Did you manage to find this snake hiding in plain sight?

If you are still struggling take a look at the photo below!


Nope, still not seeing it.

2. Where is the cat?


Honey have you seen the cat, it’s been missing all morning?
-No, I can’t find it anywhere.

This adorable cat won’t miss the opportunity to take a snooze in the pile of chopped logs, but it happens to be extremely well camouflaged between the different shades of wood. A true master of camouflage.


It was there all along! Obviously.

3. The sneaky crocodile


Can you believe that somewhere in this photo there is a crocodile.

Were you able to locate it?


Oh right, plants don’t tend to have eyes! Spooky.

4. And another snake


This time it’s green and even better at fitting in her surroundings than the previous one. It will, without doubt, trick your mind. Nature’s little magician.
Where is it?


How long did it take you to find it? It’s right there, just hanging with the leaves.

5. Is that a squirrel?

Squirrels are great hoarders, this one is probably expanding her collection of rocks.

She particularly likes the ones that look like her.


Did you have the patience to find it?


There it is out in the open, taking a break.

6. Is it a frog or is it a tree?


Frogs use crypsis to avoid predators while they sleep or feed. This particular one, can change colors ranging from shades of gray to green, brown or even black.
Safety first. Do you see it yet?


That is amazing!

7. It’s a spider!


Maybe it’s better to not see this spider after all, as you will be running as far as possible when you do. Just the thought of spiders can make your skin crawl. They are terrifying, but can you spot this one?


Ah! There it is. Let’s move on, it’s scary even on a picture.

8. It’s a blue frog


Another frog successful in the act of camouflage. I am still not seeing it and it has been 5 minutes.

Let’s find out where it is.


Crafty little devil. He just loves purple leaves and wants to be a part of the team.

9. This cricket will never be found


There is no way this cricket will get eaten by a terrifying predator. Smart guy!

Maybe you can see it?


Probably not, it just looks like another green leaf.

10. Is that a giraffe or a very tall tree?


This one is not so difficult. This guy is not very good at hide-and-seek.


Oh! Hi there! You almost tricked me.

11. Be aware of the bear


Even bears are afraid of bears. OK, it’s not a real bear, but still a tricky one to find.


Let us know in the comments how successful you were in finding these animals.

Source: auntyacid

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