Have You Ever Seen A Father Pose For A Pregnancy Photoshoot?


Pregnancy photos are a wonderful thing to look at. It’s one way for a couple to show off their incoming baby and their appreciation, but sometimes, they can be quite humorous. Such are these “revenge” pregnancy photos made by dad-of-two Francisco Pérez.

The 50-year-old dad whose known among his friends as Paco, was sent to register their daughter’s name 19 years ago. However, poor old Paco had one too many beers that day, and instead of naming the daughter Noelia as the plan was, the daughter was eventually named Natalia.

Now, in order to get “revenge” on his wife, back in 2016, Paco decided to do a pregnant photoshoot himself, with the help of his photographer friend Martyn Wilkes.

Have You Ever Seen A Father Pose For A Pregnancy Photoshoot? 1

‘At first when he asked me to do the shoot I thought he was crazy but I just accepted because he said he would supply me with beer during the shoot,’ Paco explains.

It was a great way for Martyn who is originally from Gloucestershire, UK to show off his maternity work. The photos that have been created are probably the greatest thing you’ll see all year.

Have You Ever Seen A Father Pose For A Pregnancy Photoshoot? 3

Look at that body paint

It’s absolutely on point.


He absolutely nailed this pregnancy photo shoot, and more fathers need to do this.

Needless to say, Facebook had quite the reactions to these photos.

“I think these pictures are a great promotion. something funny different and creative. all the pictures looks great. Good job! Paco you are awesome XD” – Paola Nicole Rodriguez

“So COOL!! All fathers ought to embrace this gift with such heart felt desire!! And sense of humor .. Your child is so blessed” – Hollie Ockey

“Omg, these are hysterical. What a good sport but I too would have great difficulty focusing. Loads of fun.” – Greg Kirby

“Congrats Paco. This is weird at the same time beautiful and awesome! Your gonna be a great Daddy.” – Johanna Fuentes

So, dads of the world, would you do something like this? Let us know in the comments!

I just wish I would be able to embrace my belly like this guy did.

Source: Facebook / Martyn Wilkes Photography

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