Some Shocking Secrets That The Fashion Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know


With a world that has an eye for fashion, there are many things your local retailer doesn’t want you to know. From the global impact of making clothes, to just how much they are affected by employee theft, the retail industry has many hidden secrets. TheTalko has released a video talking about this, and here’s what it is, basically:

Global effects

There are a lot of countries around the world that rely on the clothing industry for exports and their economy.

Some Shocking Secrets That The Fashion Industry Doesn't Want You To Know 1

Discarded clothes

Americans throw away 10.5 million tons of clothes a year. It is no wonder landfills are filling up with discarded clothes.



Trends cost more

It’s no surprise that you are paying much more just to stay trendy. Even if the quality is not that good, you pay for the trend.


Working conditions

Did you know that large companies target women as employees for their factories in poor countries?


As you can see, while you may have bought that beautiful yellow dress for $50, it cost the woman who made that dress 83 times less to make it.


To see these examples, along with many other equally as shocking ones explained in higher detail, check the video down below:


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