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Fake Prince Of Montenegro And Macedonia’s Actions Have Finally Been Stopped


The Italian police have issued a pursuit against Stefan Cernetic, the claimed “prince of Montenegro and Macedonia”, and according to them, the guy is a “lying conman”.

Fake Prince Of Montenegro And Macedonia's Actions Have Finally Been Stopped 1

The 56-year-old “royal” and his co-worker are suspected for fake presenting and faking documents, and they’ll also get separate punishments for riding in a black Mercedes-Benz decorated with Montenegrian flags and diplomatic stickers all across Europe.

Thanks to social media profiles, tons of photos with elite events and a webpage full of fake news, Stefan had managed to present himself to the world as a descendant of the Crnojevic noble family and a “Prince from Montenegro and Macedonia”.

The title had attracted a lot of attention from the Italian and worldwide jet-set, and the fake prince allowed entry at elite parties and reception of mayors, priests and actual royal family descendants.

“His majesty” also paid a visit to princess Irene of Greece and Denmark in Athens, and a few days before that attended the Monaco round of the Formula 1 championship, accompanied by sheiks and super models.

Certainly sounds like the dream life, right?

Among the deceived was also one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, Pamela Anderson. Not only did she believe the legitimacy of him being a descendant of the Montenegrin royal family, she even kneeled down in front of him, so she could receive the title of “Great Lady of Montenegro”.

For years, he was living on the top of the food chain, and he even went as far to get a royal portrait of him done. On his website, princeofmontenegroandmacedonia.eu, Montenegro’s national anthem, whose name translates to “Oh, Bright Dawn of May” in English, can be heard playing.

And after a long time of expensive drinks, good women and cars and luxurious houses, the line had to be drawn. In a Fusini resort, the prince had made a pretty long receipt, which was then forwarded to the Macedonian Embassy in Italy by the manager, and from them came the coldest response to something you’ll hear all day.

The message that came back translates to “Don’t send us the receipt. We don’t have a prince, and we certainly don’t share him with Montenegro.”

The situation was immediately reported to the Italian ministry of internal affairs. Police were advised to pay attention to the black Mercedes-Benz that Cernetic was normally seen in, and were allowed to pull it over should they spot it. The country markings are fake, and the person driving the Mercedes doesn’t even hold a diplomat license, or any kind of privileges for international affairs. Up until this point, fake prince Stefan enjoyed his five minutes in the spotlight while they lasted.

Stefan’s acting was such a big deal that it not only, for lack of a better word, touched politicians, but also important people all across Europe, and police from all across Italy became involved. The Italian media won’t reveal the precise reason as to why opening a case and arresting Cernetic would take almost a year, but the opportunities for arrest include fake diplomatic passports, diplomat car stickers, international awards, a certificate from the Montenegrin royal household as well as various diplomas.

What an epic fraud, do you agree?


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