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14 Extreme Beauty Procedures From Around The World


There are numerous beauty trends popular around the planet that are striving to achieve the complete opposite of what is considered attractive or desirable in the Western world. Most of these procedures, in addition to seeming bizarre, are hazardous and in many cases extremely expensive. Nevertheless, they are regularly performed and remain (or are becoming) common in different parts of the world.

1. Eye widening surgery in South Korea

The procedure called epicanthoplasty is popular in South Korea in which wider, rounder eyes are considered more beautiful.


Source: YouTube | Seoul TouchUp

2. Leg lengthening in China

Although banned, there are still many dishing out thousands to get a height increase of up to six inches. The procedure is dangerous, extremely painful, and can easily be botched.


Source:Paley Institute

3. Extraocular eyeball implants

This bizarre trend of adding jewelry to one’s eye emerged in the Netherlands and is not yet available in America.


Source: Everyday Health

4. Skin whitening or bleaching in India, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

In these parts of the world, fair skin is associated with being young, beautiful, and prosperous which is the opposite of what most people are going for in the West.


Source: Beauty Clue

5. Surgeries in pair to “complement” each other’s looks

The bizarre procedure is called beauty matching, and it’s currently a rising trend in the United Arab Emirates.


Source: Khaleej Times

6. Force feeding  in Western Africa

Some girls are fed up to 16,000 calories a day, all to give them the desired plumper appearance. Girls are usually told that “thin women are inferior” and some are abused if they don’t eat.


Source: YouTube | Thien Vy

7. The lip-plate in Africa and Amazonia

These young tribal women have their lips pierced before they wed and slowly grow the size of the hole with a wooden peg until they can wear their own crafted plates.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. Yaeba – the Japanese crooked teeth procedure

This bizarre beauty trend involves girls purposefully undergoing dental procedures to get crooked teeth which are seen as a sign of youthfulness.


Source:Xpat Nation

9. Indonesian teeth chiseling

In some Indonesian tribes, chiseled teeth are believed to provide a balance between the body and the soul.


Source: Brommel

10. Persian nose bandaging

In Iran, you might spot women wearing bandages over their noses to accentuate the fact that they just got plastic surgery instead of hiding it because the cost of nose jobs makes them a symbol of wealth and status.


Source: Vice

11. The fantasy genre fans’ love for pointed ears

The surgery popular among love Star Trek and Lord of the Rings lovers is both painful and irreversible.


Source: Instagram | @theivorydolls

12. Neck rings in African and Asian cultures

An elongated neck is a sign of wealth and beauty, although it puts an enormous strain on the body.


Source: Instagram | @motogeo

13. The Japanese bagel head

This body modification which only lasts for several hours is mostly seen in Japan’s underground scene. The effect is created by injecting saline into the forehead and pressing down in the center.


Source: Tech Blog

14. Slimming down of toes in the West

So-called “toe-besity” is now battled with surgeries that slim down one’s toes.


Source:London Lipo Institute

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