Expecting Mother Receives A Huge Blow In A Heart Shattering Plot Twist

Expecting Mother Receives A Huge Blow In A Heart Shattering Plot Twist


Expecting mother Amanda from Australia appeared on the morning ‘Give Back’ section on KIIS 1065 radio to tell a heart-breaking story.
Her friend Anna called the radio to sign her up for a spot on the morning show.
Kyle and Jackie O conducted the interview.


Source: YouTube | KIIS 1065

Amanda and her husband we’re trying hard to concieve for three years.

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Finally, she managed to conceive and was 36 weeks in during the interview.

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In the light of them trying to conceive, Amanda and her husband renovated their home, on and off, for the last two years and had finally moved in two months ago.
One day, Amanda woke up to find her husband was gone. He’d left with no warning.


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“It’s been probably about five weeks since it all happened and the biggest thing was just a shock I guess, cuz it wasn’t really what we planned or what I planned…” said Amanda.
“It came out of the blue, sideswiped ya!” responded Kyle.


“I mean, the thing is that we’ve been renovating the house for the last two years so we put all that money into that and the idea was that this year was gonna be a good year and the baby coming and everything and that’s just kind of all gone now,” said Amanda.


“We would love for you to be able to have this baby and not have to worry about the financial side of things so I want you to take a look at the TV Screen behind you,” said Jackie O.


As she said that, Amanda turned her head over to the TV screen behind her.
A shot from outside of her house was shown.
“Ok, let’s go inside,” says Kyle.


The camera goes in through the door and down the hallway.
We see a vacuum cleaner center shot.
“Scrub Online Service….they will be cleaning your house for the next six months so you don’t have to worry about the cleaning side of things,” Jackie O told Amanda.


Amanda is visibly overwhelmed and has a smile on her face as her eyes tear up.

The radio team have got stuck in to help Amanda through the first months of motherhood. Amanda is going to receive a couple of things pro-bono that will help her get through the post-partum period with the help of the show’s sponsors.


She will receive a free meal every single day for the next three months from Eat Fit Food, a one-time, four thousand dollars-worth of baby gear from Baby Village, and finally, in the oven, there is a big pile of cash.


She will be given a one-time donation of ten thousand dollars to help her with her mortgage by Little Zak’s Academy Childcare Centre from Sydney!


“That means I don’t have to move now,” Amanda concluded tearfully.

YouTube user emichelle19 commented under the video:” What kind of sorry excuse for a man tries for so long to conceive a child and then, after 36 weeks of finally conceiving, leaves her with a mortgage she can’t even begin to pay? What was it? Did he realize only after 36 weeks of pregnancy & renovating a house for 2 years, that he wasn’t fit to be a father?”

We are asking ourselves the exact same question!

Godspeed Amanda!

Source: YouTube | KIIS 1065

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