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A Pro-Euthanasia Group Creates A Shocking Video Of A Brain Cancer Patient Dying


The debate over euthanasia is one of the big questions of our times, with a variety of NGOs, advocacy organizations and medical associations leading the debate over this sensitive moral issue. The choices of a dying person are leveled against the laws surrounding doctors and homicide, creating a very difficult situation. As of June 2016, human euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, and Luxembourg, while assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Canada, and in the US states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, Montana, Washington DC and California.

In an attempt to swing the debate in their favor Down Under, a group called Go Gentle Australia has now made an emotional, disturbing graphic video which has so far caused enormous controversy. The six-minute film, called Stop The Horror, depicts the dying moments of a patient with brain cancer whose health and mental state rapidly deteriorate, culminating in a shocking death. The video has been banned from YouTube and been called “too terrifying” and “virtually unwatchable”. It remains available on the organization’s homepage, however, where a stop button is available should the viewer become too disturbed.


Anyone under 18 is advised not to watch the film, which the creators admit has been purposely designed to be as harrowing as to shock people into not looking away from an important issue. Australian MPs have already been shown the film in order to consider changing the legislation on euthanasia.

The short film is an acted-out recreation of the real 2005 death of 56-year-old Australian actor Greg Sims, who died from brain cancer in similar circumstances. It was made with consent from his daughter.

Credit: The Daily Mail

Critics of the video have warned that re-writing homicide law to accommodate euthanasia would be a massive mistake


Euthanasia remains largely illegal around the world and doctors have been arrested for obliging with their patients’ wishes for death – the so-called assisted suicide


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