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You Really Should Follow These Etiquette Rules You Might Have Already Broken


When we’re out and about, it’s best to keep our manners under control. You know, saying nice words and keeping our funny and insane side under control, but good etiquette goes way past just saying “please” and “thank you” and holding in your burps after you finish a drink. Here are a few etiquette rules you should know and you might have broken.


1. Clapping incorrectly

The way to properly applaud someone is to keep your hands in front of your chest and shift them to the left slightly.


2. Climbing into your car incorrectly

The way you should actually do it, to prevent flashing and hitting your head on the roof, is to sit down on the seat and then swing your legs in.



3. Eating butter from the dish

The correct way to do it is to grab a little bit of butter and put it on your plate, and then butter it. You won’t leave crumbs in the butter and it’s more polite.


Source: AllPosters

4. Pointing with your finger

While pointing as a whole is not bad, do it with a full hand gesture to keep it nicer.


Source: FlickRiver | Express Monorail

5. Coughing into your right hand

Don’t cough into the hand that does all the shaking and waving. Use the other one instead.


Source: YouTube | Iko Boy

6. Returning dishes empty

If someone loans you a Tupperware or casserole dish, always give it back making sure there’s some sort of treat inside. Whether it’s cookies, casserole, or homemade granola, it’s the polite way to do things.


Source:The Oreo Experience

7. You’re drinking during a toast to you

If you’re being toasted, don’t drink. Instead, return the toast with a thank-you toast to those who toasted you. Sorry if I blew your head by saying this.



8. Don’t pass the salt without the pepper

The two always go together.



9. Always make eye contact during a toast


10. Wearing your bag or purse on your right shoulder

Once again, this has to do with keeping the hand you do all the handshakes and waving with free.



11. Congratulating the bride

This one may seem a bit strange but just remember, you need to congratulate the groom for landing his bride. Best wishes for the bride, detailed congrats for the groom.


Source:The Plunge

12. You’re sitting however you feel comfy

Ideally, you should be sitting with your legs together. It’s the most polite way.


Source: Reddit | mc_dad

13. You split the bill when you’ve invited someone to dinner

It’s more polite for you to pay for the person you’ve invited rather than splitting the bill.


Source:The Economic Times

14. Don’t call someone by their first name when you meet them

Call them by their last name, preceded by Ms. or Mr.



15. Say “excuse me” when you’re going to the bathroom

It just sounds better than “I’m going to the bathroom”.



16. You’re always late

Occasionally, if it’s due to circumstances beyond your control then it’s fine, but constantly being late on your hosts is not the best thing to do.


Source: Odyssey

17. It’s rude to listen in on other people’s conversations


Source: Flickr | Mayank Austen Soofi

18. Admit forgetting someone’s name

It’s better to be temporarily embarassed.



19. You’ve held off on RSVP-ing

Rather than leaving your host hanging for weeks, give them a heads up that you’re not sure as soon as possible, and if you still don’t know after a few weeks, send your regrets.


Source: | Aimee Willow Designs

20. To-go box on a business dinner

While it may be hard to finish everything if there’s a bit too much, it’s not professional to take dinner with you afterwards.


Source:1000 Awesome Things

All of these tips should hopefully help you leave a good impression on your hosts or whoever you’re meeting.

Have any more etiquette rules to share? Share them in the comments!


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