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7 Secrets About McDonald’s Revealed By A British Employee


McDonald’s is one of the world’s biggest fast-food restaurant chains. The first one opened in California in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant. Today, McDonald’s serves around 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries and with 1,5 million employees it’s the world’s second-largest private employer.

But one other thing that can be found in McDonald’s, apart from great hamburgers, is juicy inside gossip. One employee from a restaurant in the United Kingdom decided to reveal some of the secrets of McDonald’s inner workings anonymously.

1. Free sauce

Whether you get free sauce or not depends on the staff. The employees are actually supposed to charge for sauce, the exception being when the sauce is offered as a dip for a certain dish (e.g. chicken nuggets). However, if you get lucky with the member of staff that serves you, and if you are nice to them, you might get a freebie, or even some extra nuggets and bacon.


2. Free food for the staff

The staff gets free food, but only when they’re not on shift. They are forbidden from eating any of the products while working so it’s highly improbable that you’ll catch one of them snacking away. If they are caught, they are liable to lose their job, and it’s just not worth it. Still, employees do get big discounts and often end up taking home a couple of free meals.


3. Cooking the burgers

All burgers in McDonald’s are always cooked the same way, therefore you will never be asked to choose how you would like your burger to be cooked. This way, no matter which restaurant you visit, you will always get the same quality hamburgers. The grilling and the preparation of the meat are mostly done automatically.


4. The badges’ stars

The stars on the employees’ badges stand for their areas of expertise. Every team member gets stars for working in a different section: the chicken section, the grills, the fryers. When you earn four stars, you get a promotion. Not all the staff members care about the stars, though, because some of them only work part-time while pursuing other careers.


5. The Big Mac sauce

Why do McDonald’s staff always get annoyed when people ask for extra Big Mac sauce? Well, someone asked this on Reddit and received an honest answer from an employee: “It requires extra effort! We have to go get the little tub thing for it, and when you are working the smallest things piss you off.”


6. Monopoly!

McDonald’s loves Monopoly! The staff does too! Those promotional Monopoly boxes and cups give everyone a chance to win instant prizes, or to collect color groups in order to win even bigger prizes.


7. Some people are just not cut out for it

Someone told a great story on Reddit about how someone can lose their job in a jiffy. “The shortest I have ever seen someone work here was about an hour. They were new, got put on the front, and after a customer stood there looking at them waiting for them to ask for their order, they said ‘What the f*** are you looking at me for?’ They were sacked on the spot.” Yeah, maybe cursing at the customers wasn’t the brightest idea.


It’s a bit disappointing that this British employee didn’t get down to uncovering the myth surrounding the perpetually out-of-order McFlurry machines. Or perhaps that is just a conspiracy theory? I guess we’ll never find out…

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