Ellen Forgot That Katy Perry Was Married To Russell Brand And Everything Gets Awkward


Since Ellen knows a lot of people, has a lot of celebrities on her show so sometimes it can be hard to remember every detail for each one of them. But recently, a little slip-up that happened with Katy Perry was very awkward.


In a segment of the show, she named “Will You Perry Me?” she seemed to forget that the pop star was married before. All of this resulted in confusion and a very awkward silence.

You probably think that Ellen does an update before each meeting with famous celebrities but then again I wonder if she was playing around or actually forgot. You can never quite trust Ellen’s sense of humor.

It gets even more awkward when Katy has to say her ex-husband’s name and remind Ellen that she actually gave her wedding gifts on the show. Still, Ellen plays it pretty cool.


So, the clip starts with Perry making a crying face and joking that she doesn’t want to get married again. The whole audience goes silent as Ellen is still taking time to process the information. She looks confused and says to the singer “You were not married…”


She plays it cool by saying that it was a long time ago but Ellen asks who she was married to. Then Katy reminds her about her ex-husband Russell Brand and then she admits that she just forgot.

It’s then that the “I Kissed a Girl” singer makes scissors with her fingers, hinting to wanting this segment to be cut out. Everything becomes awkward but definitely worth watching.


Watch here and get ready to cringe for poor Katy.


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