How To Make A Buttercream Piping Cake With Three Colors For Your Friends

beautiful cake

Sometimes cake making is fun. Sometimes it’s full of tears and disappointment. But hey, even if the cake is not beautiful it is generally still edible.

Vanessa has been baking and teaching for years now and this time she is back with YouTube tutorials. You can watch them on her channel called Cake Style and also check out her website for thousands of recipes.

Today she is making an easy buttercream piping cake with three colors.

“I love buttercream piping, and this design is so easy, everyone can make it,” she chimes on her YouTube channel.
• Cake and ganache filling
• Buttercream (also in recipe)
– Blue (Americolor Electric Blue)
– Pink (Electric Pink and Fushia)
– Purple (Electric Purple and Regal Purple)
• Spatulas
• Scraper
• One 16″ and three 12″ piping bags
• 1M piping tip
• Turntable – IKEA
• Scissors


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For more details on this cake watch the video down below:

Source:Cake Style

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