Family Finds A 9-Year-Old Easter Egg Behind The Couch, When They Open It Up This Is What They See

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Easter means a lot of family visits, good food and to top it all – yummy Easter eggs. Of course, egg dyeing has become synonymous with Easter especially with little ones in the family. They are so much fun to do and there are a lot of awesome techniques to make your eggs hip and happier.

When the holiday is over, all the Easter eggs get tossed so they don’t spoil. But, have you ever thought what would actually happen if one of them missed the trash, and what kind of disgusting transformation it would undergo?

The family that you are going to see below ended up in this unique situation. After they were pulling out some of the old furniture, they found an Easter egg hiding right under one of the couch cushions.

Easter 1

The ancient egg was over 9 years old so the family did what everyone would actually do: they cut it open to see what the egg looked like inside. Can you imagine what horror would be lying inside of the colorful exterior?

Easter 2

I  mean what kind of smell could come from after it spent 9 years stewing? Well, you can check the whole episode out on the video below. Now you know what becomes of forgotten eggs after Easter has passed.


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